Sunday, 10 April 2011

Album Advertisement Poster

Below is my advertisement poster, it follows a number of conventions typically found in advertisements. To begin it includes the bands name, the album name and a picture of the album. How ever the use of slanted text helps to distinguish it from stand normal texts. Free items included with the CD help to entice potential customers. Finally the juxtaposition in colour helps to make the art stand to the potential customer.

The Skints - Up Against The Wall - Music Video

Pleas find below our finished music video, this took six days worth of video shots and around two months worth of work. I hope you all enjoy viewing it.

Stars Throght the years

Many Artist in order to remain famous are forced to continually change their look in order toi remain in the attention of the modern audience. Stars like Maddona, Michael Jackson and Kylie Minouge have all had to vary there genres and clothing. Below is a collage of Kylie Minouges ever changing style through her career so far:

Preliminary and Final Piece Comparison

Having now completed the main task I have felt it necessary to compare the finished piece to that of my preliminary to understand how I have developed since the beginning of this course. The preliminary was extremely simple, we didn't even make the video the entire length of the song. The use of basic editing was apparent along with few alterations in set, stage, costume and people. Most of the time the actors are what is called "Corpsing", this is the dramatical term given when an actor smile inappropriately.

The final product was a complete change in every sense of our preliminary. The video in corporates complex plot line with three different narrative during the entire video. The video broke and stuck with a variety of conventions commonly found in professional music videos. The video incorporated multiple sets, a multitude of characters and costumes. Complex editing such as jump cut, speed adjustments and multi screens reflected the improved abilities of myself and the group. The use of colour grading helped to show the professionalism within the piece. Off course no-one Courpsed, the only time people are smiling to to code for the happy contrast the rebellious teenager have in a juxtaposition to that which I played. In summary nearly ever aspect of our final piece reflected a higher standard than we could ever have hoped to achieve with our preliminary. This is reflected within the complexity of techniques and plot lines shown within the video itself.

Media in the process of organisation

There have so far been a variety of ways in which we have organised ourselves in order to make the creating, organising and critiquing of our video far easier with the use of modern technology. To begin with we created story boards in order to gain a rough idea of what we wished to set out to do at the beginning of the project. Once we gained shots we quickly categorised them using spread sheet to ensure the editing process could be sped up.
Using mediums such as Facebook allowed us to have an instant form of communication with out the worry of  
fickle things like a phone being lost/no credit, mainly anything that may create communication problems.

Even for our evaluation and film feedback we made simple to use spread sheets for audience to fill in, this being all in order to allow a better insight into what potentially needed to be changed. Below is an example of a filled out feedback form:

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Album Cover + Back

Below are the album cover and Back I have created. I wanted to stick with as few conventions of standard  album covers as much as physically possible. I did this by only following the convention of including the bands name. I have juxtaposed much of the colouring, this is to ensure the album would be noticeable to a potential customer, this is also to reference the underground genre of the album. Other ways I referenced the underground genres the band represents is by having the album look old and dirty with the use smears and stains everywhere on the cover. Most of the art gives the impression of graffiti work, this coinciding with the potential audiences taste in genre and art. Finally I have mad the artwork a metaphor referencing the corruption of society by the means of money, this is done with the god like hand supporting the bands name, which is made with dollar signs and are in a luminous green. Whilst this happens we see below a woman trying to reach up and grab the logo. This is also a homage to the band Nirvana and their album "Never Mind".

How artists become Icons

Bands and artists who want to stand the test of time are forced to continually mold themselves to new conventions, intreasts and demands of their ever changing audiances. By doing this they can guarentee a long a lasting carrer. Other ways include:

  • Creating a false sense of loyatly with there audiance, for instance Lady Gaga refers to her audiance as "Little Monsters". Those who are there by fans of her refer to themselves as "Little Monsters"
  • Emotional ties due to songs that relate to an audiances feelings also help to create a long lasting artist.
  • Self-identification can be used to make an artist appear as if they are just like their audiance.
  • Imitation of the artist may make them a role model in the audiances view.
Artists accomplaish this by being larger than life, they tend to wear abnormal clothing, do abnormal things and act in an entirley diffrent way to that of the general public. By doing this they appear to be from some other social class, they become memorable to us as being so diffrent to us.