Sunday, 10 April 2011

Media in the process of organisation

There have so far been a variety of ways in which we have organised ourselves in order to make the creating, organising and critiquing of our video far easier with the use of modern technology. To begin with we created story boards in order to gain a rough idea of what we wished to set out to do at the beginning of the project. Once we gained shots we quickly categorised them using spread sheet to ensure the editing process could be sped up.
Using mediums such as Facebook allowed us to have an instant form of communication with out the worry of  
fickle things like a phone being lost/no credit, mainly anything that may create communication problems.

Even for our evaluation and film feedback we made simple to use spread sheets for audience to fill in, this being all in order to allow a better insight into what potentially needed to be changed. Below is an example of a filled out feedback form:

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