Sunday, 10 April 2011

Preliminary and Final Piece Comparison

Having now completed the main task I have felt it necessary to compare the finished piece to that of my preliminary to understand how I have developed since the beginning of this course. The preliminary was extremely simple, we didn't even make the video the entire length of the song. The use of basic editing was apparent along with few alterations in set, stage, costume and people. Most of the time the actors are what is called "Corpsing", this is the dramatical term given when an actor smile inappropriately.

The final product was a complete change in every sense of our preliminary. The video in corporates complex plot line with three different narrative during the entire video. The video broke and stuck with a variety of conventions commonly found in professional music videos. The video incorporated multiple sets, a multitude of characters and costumes. Complex editing such as jump cut, speed adjustments and multi screens reflected the improved abilities of myself and the group. The use of colour grading helped to show the professionalism within the piece. Off course no-one Courpsed, the only time people are smiling to to code for the happy contrast the rebellious teenager have in a juxtaposition to that which I played. In summary nearly ever aspect of our final piece reflected a higher standard than we could ever have hoped to achieve with our preliminary. This is reflected within the complexity of techniques and plot lines shown within the video itself.

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