Saturday, 9 April 2011

Album Cover + Back

Below are the album cover and Back I have created. I wanted to stick with as few conventions of standard  album covers as much as physically possible. I did this by only following the convention of including the bands name. I have juxtaposed much of the colouring, this is to ensure the album would be noticeable to a potential customer, this is also to reference the underground genre of the album. Other ways I referenced the underground genres the band represents is by having the album look old and dirty with the use smears and stains everywhere on the cover. Most of the art gives the impression of graffiti work, this coinciding with the potential audiences taste in genre and art. Finally I have mad the artwork a metaphor referencing the corruption of society by the means of money, this is done with the god like hand supporting the bands name, which is made with dollar signs and are in a luminous green. Whilst this happens we see below a woman trying to reach up and grab the logo. This is also a homage to the band Nirvana and their album "Never Mind".

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