Saturday, 9 April 2011

How artists become Icons

Bands and artists who want to stand the test of time are forced to continually mold themselves to new conventions, intreasts and demands of their ever changing audiances. By doing this they can guarentee a long a lasting carrer. Other ways include:

  • Creating a false sense of loyatly with there audiance, for instance Lady Gaga refers to her audiance as "Little Monsters". Those who are there by fans of her refer to themselves as "Little Monsters"
  • Emotional ties due to songs that relate to an audiances feelings also help to create a long lasting artist.
  • Self-identification can be used to make an artist appear as if they are just like their audiance.
  • Imitation of the artist may make them a role model in the audiances view.
Artists accomplaish this by being larger than life, they tend to wear abnormal clothing, do abnormal things and act in an entirley diffrent way to that of the general public. By doing this they appear to be from some other social class, they become memorable to us as being so diffrent to us.

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