Monday, 4 April 2011

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti

  • This album follows certain conventions commonly found in album art. Firstly the name of the Bandis included on the cover. Secondly the name of the album is included as a title of the album.
  • The use of colour grading on the building to make them look old a decayed is a reference to the album title, being a statment that maybe the building itself is graffiti in the bands mind.
  • In a complete Juxtaposition to this we see the letters on the blinds in bold reds behind blinds coloured in a light blue. This use of colour means the title of the album sticks out to the audiance with the use of dull black and grays and contrasting colour to show up the reds.
  • The man sitting on his own could be a metaphor for lonliness, which is one of the themes in the songs included.
  • The apartment building was edited in order to ensure it was symmetrical, this was done for  a number of things. To make the building sem more mundane to help contrast the title to the building. To be a metaphor for society, flats contain lots of people who like the flats are identical to one another in the ways the look, act and conform to society. By doing this the band hoped to break the boundaries in the hope of making their aims apparent.

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